Museum 3D Solutions

Giant Screen Theater Systems

If you are considering the addition or upgrade of a Giant Screen Theater, it is a very good idea for you to look into the HSI Immersive’s 3D LED System. Our new technology is far superior to anything you have seen before.  LED systems are rapidly supplanting projection systems.  Compare 3D LED to projection before making the big investment.

3D Immersive Exhibits

Use the HSI Immersive 3DLEDz Display as the centerpiece of amazing permanent and travelling exhibits. Our 3D LED are very bright and allow you to leave the lights on. We can send 3D content deep out into the room to create stunning immersive experiences.

3D Scanned Collections

3D LED Displays are perfect for displaying scanned 3D collections. use 3D LED displays to show collections that were in the past impossible to show.



3D has become a necessary tool to entertain, captivate, dazzle. Boost attendance, attract younger audiences, attract more revenue, enrich visitor engagement, lengthen memory retention, inspire, innovate, stand out.



Made for 3D Viewing
LED (Light Emitting Diode)

What is HSI Immersive 3D LED?

HSI Immersive 3D LED is the first and only Large Format Stereoscopic 3D LED Entertainment System. Fully customizable, it is its own attraction. Ideal for creating memories worth repeating through group experiences that bring families closer together. Our systems offer an optimized efficiency thanks to high throughput.




Why HSI Immersive 3D LED:

Higher quality means better experiences for your customers. Better experiences means customers tell their friends and spread the word.  Increased attendance is the result.

3D LED technology is superior to projection for the following reasons:

1.Overall Quality vs. Projectors

  • Higher Brightness
  • Higher Contrast
    • Richer Blacks (Blacker Blacks/Whiter Whites)
    • Color Purity/Accuracy
  • Incredible depth and reach
  • No misconvergence (Chromatic aberrations)
  • No defocusing (focus is almost always imperfect with existing projected systems)

2.Healthy Display Unlike Projected Systems

  • Better for the brain health of our children
  • Brain does not have to do unnecessary processing thus people do not experience 3D vertigo syndrome
  • No nausea on a bumpy theme park ride
  • Mimics real life stereoscopic vision

3.Enhanced Design/Creative Flexibility

  • Bright enough to use in full light or total darkness and anywhere in between
  • No projection shadows
  • Less/no spatial requirements in front or behind
  • Easy switch to 2D screen, why not have both?
  • Can be as big as you can imagine, curved, and (if you have unlimited budget) dome.
  • Mobility, screen can be put up and taken down in a few hours, this means you can move it around for rentals, marketing in other locations, etc. when not in use

4.Lower Lifetime Cost of Ownership vs. Projectors

  • Life time cost versus up front cost:  3D LED is more up front, less over the lifetime
  • .50 Cent Glasses vs. $35 glasses, no batteries, no worries about stolen glasses
  • Little to no maintenance
    • No replacing of bulbs, no refocusing, no tuning, set and forget
    • Simple serviceability
    • No high cost of employing people to maintain
  1. Big screen vs. VR Goggles
  • Shorter lines and increased throughput
  • Interactivity vs. Individual experience
  • Shared experience, family experience, togetherness, group
  • Hygiene, easy and inexpensive to clean glasses and no maintenance of batteries etc.