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Be ahead of the curve in the entertainment industry with cutting edge unrivaled technology: Large Scale 3D LED Video Wall Displays. Attract more diverse and younger audiences, boost attendance to events, and attract more revenue.

Fully immersive environments only attainable with 3D are proven to be one of the best ways to captivate your audience and create unforgettable experiences. The displays can be custom built to fit your application. 3D LED Displays are a valuable tool for you and your customers please click here to learn more.

Made for 3D Viewing
LED (Light Emitting Diode)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why 3D?

This 3D LED screen can put your viewers in any environment you can dream of from a humid tropical jungle surrounded by plants and animals to any artificial reality you can imagine. Perfect for captivating audiences and creating memorable experiences.


Where can it be used?

There are innumerable applications for this technology in the entertainment industry including live music events, music festivals, sports and other major public events, theme parks, theatres, and more.


What about VR Goggles?

Virtual reality goggles are very impressive and fun for viewers but they are an individual experience not a group experience. For entertainment purposes we believe that people have a more fun and more memorable experience if they are sharing the moment together.

Another benefit to 3D LED is Social presences. Studies have shown that social presence is very important in experiencing the feeling of real-ness. The sense of being in a real environment is highly enhanced if other being exist in that space with you.

A big issue with VR goggles is that the floating image can create a sense of nausea for the viewers.


What about nausea for 3D LED viewers?

Because of our fixed screen there is no jitter and thus the feeling of nausea that is typically associated with 3D is not present. This aversion to 3D we have seen in the past is because of inferior projection 3D technology.


Why else is LED better than projection for 3D?

There are many reasons why LED is superior to projection 3D:

  • Viewers do not experience the nausea that they feel when watching 3D Projectors

  • 3D LED can deliver 3D content deep out into the audience while 3D projectors have limited reach.

  • 3D LED is much brighter than 3D Projectors

  • 3D LED has a higher contrast ratio than 3D Projectors, for example: rich blacks

  • 3D LED has no misconvergence like 3D Projectors meaning it has much better focus.

  • 3D LED needs no projection distance, projection room.  It only requires a few feet of depth including structure.