HSI Immersive 3D LED is built of specially produced LED panels.

LED walls are quickly replacing projection technology because of their many advantages.

Our 3D LED systems can be built to any size that a project calls for.

If your objective is large screen 3D, HSI Immersive 3D LED is a must see!

HSI Immersive 3D LED technology is far superior to 3D projection for many reasons:

  • Viewers do not experience 3D Vertigo Syndrome, the nausea that they feel when watching 3D Projectors
  • 3D LED can deliver 3D content deep out into the audience (100 feet)  while 3D projectors have limited reach.
  • 3D LED is much brighter than 3D Projectors, no need to even dim the lights because now you can keep the lights on!
  • 3D LED has a higher contrast ratio than 3D Projectors, for example: rich blacks and white whites
  • 3D LED has no misconvergence like 3D Projectors meaning it has much better focus.
  • 3D LED needs no projection distance, projection room.  It only requires a few feet of depth including structure.
  • 3D LED is set and forget.  There is no regular maintenance, refocusing, re convergence.
  • 3D LED is lamp free.  No expensive lamp purchases.  100,000 hours of life.


Unfortunately web browsers, 3D effects and image quality cannot be recreated on 2D displays

3D LED Exhibiting @ LDI2016

3D LED Exhibiting @ SMPTE2016

3D LED Exhibiting @ LDI2016

3D LED Exhibiting @ Siggraph 2016

Denver University’s Newman Center

3D LED in School Auditorium